Stag Night
Carnage in edinburgh!!
Paint balling included a "Stag Hunt" that killed!
"Pete "the bear" Bates came off worse for trying to help me!

Who was the best looking best Man?

I can read in your mind. Don't you believe it? Try! You will be amazed...

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Note #6 by LUCKYOYO 01/09/2010 @ 08:04
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But itís not just outside circumstances that we complain about. We complain about about ourselves too. We complain that we donít have enough time, we donít have enough money (this one is huge because itís often ďtrueĒ), that weíre not smart enough, cool enough, or just enough.
I know Iíve experienced plenty of unpleasantness due to complaining about things I canít control. I never really thought about it much until I found this website bout ďliving in a complain free world.Ē

Note #5 by Sandra 08/08/2006 @ 20:59

Farid an Kelly,

Just to say that we had a wonderful time at the wedding and it was lovely to meet both of your families. We enjoyed the dancing, especially - never tried a belly-dance before! (Or danced to New York, New York before...)

Hoping that you enjoyed your honeymoon as much as the wedding day itself.

All the best for the future, and looking forward to meeting you both again soon.




Note #4 by dana 30/07/2006 @ 00:31

heyy xxxxits banu xxx where can i start ... my handsome,amazing,funny,cutie Faz xx  and my beautiful,super,terrific,splendid Kelly x

there can never be a more beautiful cuple .. i love u both sooo much all the way to pluto and around the sun but then obviously it has to cum all the way back down to earth xx kelly  i cudnt tell u how stunning u luked im sure ur children will be jut as beautiful x.. words cant describex... and Faz u luk the most handsome man in the room ...maybe even in manchester !! u are very lucky kelly nd faz ..xx .. xx .. faz im sure u will have time to grow on ur honeymoon ...aww ur getting sooooo old xx.....hehe.. i love u really !! ..

             wow !! ur a proper cuple now !! xx its fab ... love u lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots

                        &nb sp;       x Princess Banu x            

         p.s it has been really hard typing in these nails xxxxxx 29/8/06       p.p.s i forgot to login ... being me !! ... so if u wud like to reply to the best messsage u have ever read .. its

Note #3 by Neil 30/07/2006 @ 00:07
Congrats Kelly & Farid.. Lovely wedding dayForbidden! and a great time was had

Note #2 by dana 30/07/2006 @ 00:02

Hi Faz & Kelly,

just been visiting ur web site & reminising about the beautiful wedding and the lovely day we've had today! although we are happy that u will be going on ur honey moon, we know we are going to miss you both so much so please keep in touch as often as you can. Hope you have a fantastic time, 'cause it seems that when you get back you're going to be busy with BABIES and lots of them! (obviously, this is according to your wish tree, not us?!)

Have a fantastic & romantic time on your deserted island, just the 2 of you! make the most of it!

Lots of love and kisses from

Dana, Farrah & Banu xxx

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Hen Holiday
Kelly and the girls went to the African country of Tunisia.
My Sister got proposed to, Leanne kissed a camel, louse practised her french, Stacey rode horses and Kelly......well thats kept rather quiet!
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